J.Crew & Jenna Lyons: “Sequins are the new black”

Jcrew 9

I must have Googled ‘J.Crew at New York Fashion Week 2015’ about twenty times today, waiting with bated breath for images to appear online from today’s show. And, when they did appear, I was not disappointed. I know, I know, #NYFW has seen many high end designer shows over the last few days, with exquisite pieces that probably took a team of fifty to make with hand sown beads etc., etc. But who doesn’t love J.Crew? There is no shame in being as excited for this show as you are for Chanel – no, I am not say Jenna Lyons is the same as Coco, I am not mad. But I do have a serious – possibly stalker like – girl crush on, Jenna. Everything she touches, and wears, turns to sequins gold. Today, I fell even more in love with her when she utter the words ‘Sequins are the new black’! Music to my magpie ears!

Jcrew 7 effect

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The collection shown today sticks with Jenna and J.Crew’s principles of grown up sophistication, for a women who moves, wants to be comfortable, dressed, but never over dressed. Parka jackets with fringe skirts, floor length sequins skirts with denim – Jenna, loves to rock denim as part of a more formal outfits – and tones of spring colours like mellow yellow and candy pink.

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Jeans with frayed ends – a trend that took off at the end of 2014 – and polo necks were all back. I don’t think I have seen a show at #NYFW that has not had a polo neck in it. Is it a global reaction to the cold weather we are having? Or did all the designers have a meeting and decide on one item so they could share? Anyway, whatever the reason, they look great, warm and chic.

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The canary yellow that has popped up throughout the line is really refreshing, yellow is not used enough in my book – be careful, its a tricky colour to pull off – and was used subtly on faux fur stoles and coat lining. Very cleaver, Jenna.

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The floor length sequins skirt is a show stopper, even when paired back with a denim shirt and tan belt – which gives it quiet an Americana edge. I have always championed sequins as day wear – or anywhere – so I hope we see this look popping up on the, slightly more affordable, high street. And the accessories did not disappoint either with the clutch as the bag of choice, pointy, court style pumps in fun animal prints, and floral sandals – still a little chilly for those without a sock.

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All in all, the collection was a masterclass in styling as much as in design. It makes me want to get out my scissors and start attacking the end of my jeans and my Momsie midi skirt to create some fringing, and update my sad over-sized parka with some bright yellow lining – I am all about the DIY ladies. That is until I have enough wonga in the bank to afford the real thing.


Image source: Popsugar, Elle, Manrepeller