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Its cold here in Dublin. Not as cold as New York, I’ll give you that, but cold nonetheless. And it can get tricky to remain stylish in these minus temperatures, so bravo to our street style masters this week. They managed to stay warm, and give us something nice to look at.

Streetstyle effect

Kyran, works in Ted Baker. He is wearing Ted Baker, head to brown leather toe.

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Morganna Murphy, who works in the one of my favourite Dublin boutiques, Om Diva, is wearing vintage and her own designs. She made the skirt and the fluffy bra! We love.

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We didn’t catch this stylish lady’s name, she made a quick dash, but we love the colour pop scarf and comic book inspired tote.

streetstyle D5

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Lauren, is our idea of laid back cool, with a dollop of Mod. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Dr Marten brogues are the IT shoe right now. Even Victoria Beckham wore them – shocked face.

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streetstyle D12 effect2

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We spotted some excellent clashing prints, with faux fur and more Dr Martens. Our model was a little shy!

streetstyle D7 effect

streetstyle D8 effect

Aideen’s turquoise scarf and vintage shearling jacket caught our eye.

streetstyle D9 effect

streetstyle D10 effect

A passer by shows us that the Levi jean jacket is very much back.

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Mikhail Baryshnikov for rag & bone

Lets face it, we can all watch rag & bone‘s new campaign video and pretend to be clued in about the fact that Mikhail Baryshnikov is a world renowned ballet dancer, propelling the skill to celebrity/rock star heights in the 60’s and 70’s, and has for many years been a master of his craft – principal dancer at the New York Ballet none the less. But for the Sex and the City generation, the first thing they will think when seeing this video is, ‘There’s Aleksandr Petrovsky, the older Russian dude that Carrie dated’. Don’t lie, I can read your mind.

Regardless  of how you recognise him, this video is a masterpiece in both dance and fashion. I get so excited when fashion labels do something new and interesting to launch their new collection, a departure from the same models in the same dimly light campaign shots. And it doesn’t get much more different that putting Lil Buck – an up and coming modern dancer from Chicago specialising in a street style dance called G-Walking – together with Baryshnikov for rag & bone’s AW15 menswear collection. It shouldn’t work, but it does, so well. And the 67 year old looks exceptionally cool in the clothes too.

As my partner put it – a man who finds my obsession with fashion more than a little frivolous – it’s ‘wicked’.

Bravo rag & bone.


Hey Hey Hey!


And we’re off!

The first post is always the hardest. When you start a digital platform with passion, fear, and hope that people will read it, the procrastination goes into overdrive. Should I start this? Will people read it? Will I dedicate myself to the site?

I have now tuned out all the voices in my head and answered the most important question; is this my passion? And the answer to that is a resounding yes! I love fashion, and all things related to it. I live my life thralling through hours of Instagram feeds, online magazines and exquisite print publications. So, with that passion – one could say obsession – in mind, whatever I do here cannot be a bad thing.

There will be awesome news, guest writers, streetstyle, and many mistakes along the way I’m sure, but here we are, WEAR IT / dublin is born.

Welcome, and stay tuned.