Marriage Equality – #YESEQUALITY #VOTEYES

I tagged along to a marriage equality event hosted by the YES campaigner on Sunday. While I am very much in camp YES, I had not been overly active in attending events or campaigning – apart from the odd rant on Facebook.

Attending this event was an eye opener – in the best way possible. Hearing all the speakers and seeing the love on Merrion Square could turn any cynic into a rainbow clad equality fanatic! The articulate and passionate speakers spoke from the stage to loud applause and cheers, but more than that, it was all the loving and affectionate couples and families that warmed my heart. Families of all shapes and sizes attended – including heterosexual couples – and made their voices and choices heard and see on a lovely sunny Sunday.

To think that many of the couples in attendance were gay – or in relationships – when homosexuality was illegal in this county just boggels the mind. I can’t imagine growing up, being in college, and being a young adult and fearing arrest if I was to embrace my chosen loved one. It’s just insane. (As are many of the NO posters!)

So, while not trying to be pushy or a preacher, think about that last comment. And think about your unborn kids and grandkids who may grow up to gay, and make an informed, equal, loving decision.



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Image source: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

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