Star Buys For Summer


Sun, oh how we have missed you! We finally have our pins out, and with that in mind here are some star summer buys – summer staples if you will – that you should be hunting down this week.

The summer sales have started too (does that rhym?!), so you may just get very lucky!



The breton top never goes out of fashion. One should always have a little number in ones wardrobe for an instant outfit update. Wear with jeans, or with floral prints for a cool clashing situation.


Get the look here.



Suede – and the 70’s – are having a moment. The easiest, and most popular way to wear it right now seems to be the mini skirt, buttoned up the front. Check out Topshop or any of the high street stores for the best.



Get the look here.

The Neck Tie:


Yes, its back. Thanks to Gucci’s new creative director, Alessandro Michele. He has launched a string – get it?! – of dresses and blouses donning both skinny and fat, black and red, neck ties. Wear with a blouse, or try a pussy bow blouse to get the look. They will be hitting the highstreet stores in July.




Get the blouse here.




Co-ords are the new dress. I have no idea if they are, but they are everywhere and look pretty dam cute. Mostly sold as a shorts/top combo, you can get them in a skirt/top or trouser/top combo too, for the more modest lady. Its all gone matchy matchy. Here is one of our favs.



Get the shorts here.


The IT List

It’s Friday! And if your week has been as hectic as mine, you’ll be running for the fat pants, takeaway menu and wine opened as soon as you get home.

If you do decide to do anything this weekend, here are some tips;



Sunscreen. While the amazing sunshine we’ve been enjoying is set to be interrupted for two days, you still need your sunscreen. Firstly, because the sun is returning – about time we all scream – but also because you really should be protecting your skin whether the sun is melting the road or not. Why not add sunglasses, and get the pins out in shorts and a summer dress too, while we still can.


Taste of Dublin

This would fall into the ‘See It’ and ‘Eat It’ category. Taste is currently sizzling up a storm at Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens, and will be doing so until Sunday night. Check out some of Dublin’s top resaurants, Ireland’s award winning chef – and food bloggers, i.e. Roz Purcell – music, bubbles, grass, chill out areas, you name it, it’s there. It’s the Electric Picnic for foodies. Well, a lot posher and the grub is fairly pricey! 


Tune of the day – Feist, 1234……GO!

Oasis Launch Capsule Collection With London’s V&A Musuem

oasis 5

The highstreet favourite – who love a good butterfly print – have teamed up with the Victoria & Albert Museum to launch a capsule collection of heritage prints.

Still very in line with what Oasis are best known for – pretty and delicate nature or animal motifs – the collection is based around 11 botanical prints from the 18th and 19th centuries and each pattern has been hand-selected from over hundreds in the museum’s archive by the Oasis in-house design team.

oasis 6

oasis 3


British TV presenter Laura Jackson is the face of the contemporary, yet vintage inspired, campaign. And even if you are not a regular Oasis lady, the images of Jackson for the campaign are exquisite, and have a fantastic artistic feel to them, with the idea of open space, much like a gallery, and very different to the usual highstreet advertising campaign.

oasis 4

oasis 2


Marc Jacobs Announces Willow Smith For Autumn 2015 Campaign


Marc Jocabs took to his Instagram account yesterday – one social media platform he approves of – to announce that young Willow Smith, she of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, as the face of his Fall (Autumn) 2015 campaign. Alongside Cher, who we already knew about. Are you keeping up with all of these unusual choices, yes?

Part of the image caption included; ‘Ever since our first Juergen Teller ad in 1998 which featured Kim Gordon on stage wearing my dress, I have always preferred collaborating with the people who inspire me to give new life to the clothes we show on our runway.’


To say I am surprised that Willow was the first, or an obvious choice is putting it mildly. There is a very long list – I could write it, but I won’t – of fabulous, eccentric, iconic, fashionable women in Hollywood, or New York, or Europe, that he could have signed up for a small six figure sum. But he went with the teen icon, who is fourteen. Yes, that was a 1 and a 4. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you have to be over the age of twenty to be signed for a designer campaign of this calibre – bare in mind that Willow, at thirteen, has already been styled by Karl Lagerfield for V Magazine – but I do believe there were surely other contendors who would have been more appropriate – from an iconic, aspirational, creative and commerical point of view.

willow x karl

I am not a Willow basher, if I am being honest I know absolutely nothing about the girl. Other than she is VERY confident, she loves fashion – the more bizzare the better – and she and her brother love to make a media splash by either saying or wearing something slightly on the bizzare side.

But she is that, just a girl, I would even say a child. Am I going to aspire to look like Willow in a Marc Jacobs outfit? No. Am I – that is, if I could afford to – going to droll over the Autumn collection, wishing money was no object and that I was his ‘Basic Bitch’ pal, Kate Moss with Willow wearing said collection? No. Most certainly not.


willow 2

The pictures look cool. She is cool. Cher – even though I have had a bizzare phobia of the women since a young age, Cherobia I believe it is called – looks great. A modern, strong, been there done that, sort of lady.

Again, I don’t need the face of every campaign to have lived a full life just yet, but I don’t want to see a face that, at my tender age of thirty four, I could have given birth to myself.


Image source: Instagram

National College of Art & Design Fashion Show 2015


Last week, in between the wind and the rain – come on, it’s June for goodness sake – I had the pleasure of attending the NCAD annual graduate fashion show at the Westbury Hotel in Dublin (a stange venue for it, but lovely hotel nonetheless). The who’s who of fashion in Dublin were treated to champagne cocktails and canapés, seated in the Grafton Lounge of the five star hotel to see what amazing creations the designers of tomorrow are producing.

Brown Thomas were on hand to award the ‘Designer to Watch’. The coveted award went to Daniel Roden, with his silhouettes, material and execution catching the eye of the judges, and deservedly so. His use of feathers – in particular on an over-sized coat, and a midi skirt with bandeau bra-top – was amazing, and all done by hand. His piece was titled Green; an exploration of tonality and texture.




One lady who I feel deserves an honorable mention for her talents is Alice Langton. Her use of woven reeds to create everything from jackets to shoes was a masterpiece.


Rather than write too much, I will let the pictures do the talking.














Take note, this is what the future of fashion holds and what we may be wearing in 2016. However, I’m not sure the reed jacket will stand this Irish weather too well.


Image source: Mark Stedman, Photocall Ireland