The IT List

It’s Friday! And if your week has been as hectic as mine, you’ll be running for the fat pants, takeaway menu and wine opened as soon as you get home.

If you do decide to do anything this weekend, here are some tips;



Sunscreen. While the amazing sunshine we’ve been enjoying is set to be interrupted for two days, you still need your sunscreen. Firstly, because the sun is returning – about time we all scream – but also because you really should be protecting your skin whether the sun is melting the road or not. Why not add sunglasses, and get the pins out in shorts and a summer dress too, while we still can.


Taste of Dublin

This would fall into the ‘See It’ and ‘Eat It’ category. Taste is currently sizzling up a storm at Dublin’s Iveagh Gardens, and will be doing so until Sunday night. Check out some of Dublin’s top resaurants, Ireland’s award winning chef – and food bloggers, i.e. Roz Purcell – music, bubbles, grass, chill out areas, you name it, it’s there. It’s the Electric Picnic for foodies. Well, a lot posher and the grub is fairly pricey! 


Tune of the day – Feist, 1234……GO!