Bearing with Bare Legs this Winter

no tights 12

Two of my favourite fashion magazines posted conflicking articles last week on the age old question; when should we start wearing tights again?

We have been unbelievely blessed with mild weather here in the captial over the last few months, but, alas, Jack – Frost, that is – caught up with us over the last few weeks. As did his friend – does p*%ing rain have a nickname? – today. It’s wet wet wet out there.

A lot of people look forward to this time of year, they finally know what to wear. They can dive into the winter warerobe and not be afraid of heading off to work in a wool coat and turtleneck only to drown in their own sweat by the time they arrive at their desk. This month is the start – WAY too early if you ask us – of the Christmas cheer, which makes us dream of snow, and wrapping up in cashmere and faux fur of all kinds. Its December, pull out the woolies.

Having said all of this, I do admire the street style stars I see in New York and London who brave a set of cold pins for fashion. There is something so SJP skipping in NYC about not wearing TIGHTS in winter. And as my friend says, if you’ve got the legs, show them off! My question back is, what if you pins go blue, not so exy then are you? I’m not sure any Sally Hansen or tan is going to do me any favours if I was to ditch the 600 deniers I love so much.

Here are some of the heroes of the look, being all wrapped up on top and nacked on the bottom never looked so chic…..

no tights 9

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no tights 2

Alexa Chung For AG Los Angeles Launch Party

So the answer to ‘when should we start wearing tights again?’, is really up to you and how long – or cold – you can bear having bare legs? On the other hand, you could alway grow out your hair instead, also saving you money for Chrsitmas when you skip the wax….no?

Image source: Vogue, WWD, Pinterest