Joanne Hynes Collaboration X Dunnes Stores


As Sunday’s go – when your team are not, for once, in the All Ireland GAA Football Final – Sunday was a pretty great day. Thanks to the lovely Joanne Hynes and her collaboration dropping into Dunne Stores.

Fashion Designer Joanne Hynes .16/9/2016 
Picture by Fergal Phillips

The first Irish collaboration for the designer – and an exercise that Dunnes are nailing these days – who has taken some time out to have a family, did not disappoint. It was one hundred percent Joanne. All her amazing quirks, shapes and colours; mirrored perspex triangles on a pink jumper, diamond studs with a large bow on a black bomber jacket, and of course, her amazing embellished collars. The collection – and even the setting in the Stephens Green SC, which looked like you have walked into a Joanne Hynes boutique – felt like a step back in time to what Hynes does best and what she is loved for. Unique, wearable pieces, that can take you from day to night.






Part two of this collaboration is due in store on October 18th – I am told there is a pom pom coat, dreamy! There are still plenty of pieces left in this collection, so get shopping here.

B xx


Trend Watch: Tassels & Pom Poms

tassel 3

While browsing through the A/W press shows this last few weeks, I seemed to gravitate towards anything and everything with a tassel and/or fringing. While walking through the Oasis showcase and nattering on about how much I love a pom pom, I looked down at my outfit and realised I was wearing a skirts covered in fringing and tassel bracelets. I don’t think I needed to explain, really.


oasis 3

oasis 2

oasis 6

The style – which I referred to as ‘stuff with shit hanging from it’ at the press launch….I know they are going to rob that tagline by the way. – is popping up everywhere for A/W, both on the catwalk and the high street. Two stores doing it very well are Zara and Oasis.

Man R11

zara tassel

tassel 5

tassel 6

tassel 4


tassel 2

And lets not forget about the humble pom pom, from shoes to bags, to jackets and earring, if you don’t own something with a pom pom on it, well, you’re a loser really. Best pom poms on the high street go to River Island and ASOS.

asos pom pom 2

pom pom 2

pom pom 4


pom pom ss

All of the above is a by line to the whole gypsy/folk style ruling the runway right now. And long may it last, and continue to trickle onto the high street, packaged in an affordable price tag!

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Image source: Vogue, Man Repeller, Instagram, Tom Ford

Marc Jacobs Announces Willow Smith For Autumn 2015 Campaign


Marc Jocabs took to his Instagram account yesterday – one social media platform he approves of – to announce that young Willow Smith, she of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, as the face of his Fall (Autumn) 2015 campaign. Alongside Cher, who we already knew about. Are you keeping up with all of these unusual choices, yes?

Part of the image caption included; ‘Ever since our first Juergen Teller ad in 1998 which featured Kim Gordon on stage wearing my dress, I have always preferred collaborating with the people who inspire me to give new life to the clothes we show on our runway.’


To say I am surprised that Willow was the first, or an obvious choice is putting it mildly. There is a very long list – I could write it, but I won’t – of fabulous, eccentric, iconic, fashionable women in Hollywood, or New York, or Europe, that he could have signed up for a small six figure sum. But he went with the teen icon, who is fourteen. Yes, that was a 1 and a 4. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you have to be over the age of twenty to be signed for a designer campaign of this calibre – bare in mind that Willow, at thirteen, has already been styled by Karl Lagerfield for V Magazine – but I do believe there were surely other contendors who would have been more appropriate – from an iconic, aspirational, creative and commerical point of view.

willow x karl

I am not a Willow basher, if I am being honest I know absolutely nothing about the girl. Other than she is VERY confident, she loves fashion – the more bizzare the better – and she and her brother love to make a media splash by either saying or wearing something slightly on the bizzare side.

But she is that, just a girl, I would even say a child. Am I going to aspire to look like Willow in a Marc Jacobs outfit? No. Am I – that is, if I could afford to – going to droll over the Autumn collection, wishing money was no object and that I was his ‘Basic Bitch’ pal, Kate Moss with Willow wearing said collection? No. Most certainly not.


willow 2

The pictures look cool. She is cool. Cher – even though I have had a bizzare phobia of the women since a young age, Cherobia I believe it is called – looks great. A modern, strong, been there done that, sort of lady.

Again, I don’t need the face of every campaign to have lived a full life just yet, but I don’t want to see a face that, at my tender age of thirty four, I could have given birth to myself.


Image source: Instagram

Kristen Stewart Stars in Chanel Eyewear Campaign

KS Chanel 4

While her off screen trysts seem to grab more headlines than her acting career, there is no denying peoples fascination with Kristen Stewart. With her combination of androgynous cool and the mysterious – slightly ‘over it’ – persona she likes to exude, nobody can be surprised that she was the front runner to be the face of Chanel’s new eyewear campaign.

The photos are beautiful, as are the glasses. Bravo.

KS Chanel 8

KS Chanel 3

KS for Chanel

KS Chanel 7

KS Chanel 5


Lena Dunham And Rachel Antonoff Collaborate With & Other Stories

& other stories

By now, we all know just how cool & Other Stories are. From their collaboration with Moscow based designer Vika Gazinskaya and London designer Sadie Williams, to an ad campaign with the fabulously flamboyant Iris Apfel, everything they touch seems to turn into beautifully minimal gold jewellery. As we wait with bated breath here in Dublin for their – rumored – store opening on Grafton St, (come on fashion fairy, make this one come true), they have a new collaboration for us to droll over this May.


Iris Apfel for & Other Stories

In this most recent Co-Lab we are presented with a Lena Dunham directed teaser for their upcoming line designed by American designer, Rachel Antonoff, due to hit stores 12 May. The collection is inspired by an election campaign trail, which is why the film stars actress Zoe Kazan canvassing door-to-door to a frosty reception – very true to life then.

Dunham and Antanoff are firm friends – Lena currently dates Rachel’s brother, Jack – with Lena also directing short films for Antonoff’s Spring/Summer 2010 and A/W 2013 collections. Check out ‘Best Friends’, it is awesome!

We look forward to seeing the full collection in May.


American Apparel Say Goodbye to Sexy?

AA 4

With the departure of CEO, Dov Charney – who was fired from his own company and exited in a sea of sleazy rumours – and the introduction of a new female CEO, there are big changes ahead for American Apparel.

That’s according to said female CEO, Paula Schneider. Gone are the raunchy, legs akimbo, crotch shots that AA plastered all over their ads to sell anything from lingerie to socks, Schneider wants to make their new campaigns about relevant and serious issues, such as LGBT rights and bullying.

american apparel



AA 2

“It doesn’t have to be overtly sexual,” Schneider told Business of Fashion about her advertising approach. “There’s a way to tell our story where it’s not offensive. It is an edgy brand. And it will continue to be an edgy brand.”

While all of this is sure to be welcomed news to parents who’s teens are dressed head to toe in the ‘made in America’ leotards and vintage inspired shirts – I have to add, the clothes appeal to teens because only teenage bodies can fit into them – I am not so sure the new ad campaign, championed by Schneider and called ‘Pantytime’, is that much of a departure?

Take a look and see.

Only time will tell I guess. I want to see more before I am totally convinced.


Mikhail Baryshnikov for rag & bone

Lets face it, we can all watch rag & bone‘s new campaign video and pretend to be clued in about the fact that Mikhail Baryshnikov is a world renowned ballet dancer, propelling the skill to celebrity/rock star heights in the 60’s and 70’s, and has for many years been a master of his craft – principal dancer at the New York Ballet none the less. But for the Sex and the City generation, the first thing they will think when seeing this video is, ‘There’s Aleksandr Petrovsky, the older Russian dude that Carrie dated’. Don’t lie, I can read your mind.

Regardless  of how you recognise him, this video is a masterpiece in both dance and fashion. I get so excited when fashion labels do something new and interesting to launch their new collection, a departure from the same models in the same dimly light campaign shots. And it doesn’t get much more different that putting Lil Buck – an up and coming modern dancer from Chicago specialising in a street style dance called G-Walking – together with Baryshnikov for rag & bone’s AW15 menswear collection. It shouldn’t work, but it does, so well. And the 67 year old looks exceptionally cool in the clothes too.

As my partner put it – a man who finds my obsession with fashion more than a little frivolous – it’s ‘wicked’.

Bravo rag & bone.