Street Style – The Trench


Dublin. Ireland. What is the story? Am I hot, am I cold, is it raining, is it sunny? Who the hell knows! All I do know is I am loving pulling out my long, vintage trench coat on the mild, wet days when winter wool just won’t cut it. The trench – or mac, as we usually say – is a style stable. An item for every wardrobe, whether you are a minimalist or maximalist – isn’t the latter more fun?!

They often come in midi lengths and sometimes feel difficult to style without looking swallowed, so here are some great street style looks to help you along your rainy way.











And don’t forget your shades, your brolly, you hat and scarf. Just in case!

B xx

Image source: Pinterest, Vogue, Elle, Instagram

Trend Watch – Our Love Affair with Flamingos


Pink birds. Whats not to like? I have, and it seems the rest of the world also has, had a fascination and love of the long necked feathered lady – there are males too! – for some time now. And it would seem flamingo fans worldwide have come out of the alkaline lakes – where they live, apparently – and the fashion industry have taken notice.

You can get pretty much flamingo anything these days – bags, dresses, key-chains, shoes, blowup pool seats – you name it, millennials have it. You are not a real blogger or Instagram star if you haven’t posted a picture of yourself in an inflatable flamingo on hols, in a pool, with a cocktail, an insane body – you are 19, it’s easy then (she typed bitterly) – in a crochet bikini – how is this even a thing. Yarn and water??

Both high end and high street designers, like Kate Spade and Prada, have jumped on board, so its as easy as visiting Dublin Zoo to see any flamingo style fashion and make it part of your wardrobe. I must say, it does cheer me up of a Monday! Go pink or go home.



flamingo coat

Images: Pinterest, Elle, In Style, New York Times, Sophia Webster  

Style Watch: Alexa Chung

alexa-chung-best-beauty-03 (1)

Ah, Alexa. I don’t know exactly what you do for a living, but who cares, when you bring me so much joy with your choice of threads and kooky combinations.

Let us marvel at the husky voiced enigma that is, Ms Chung. (But seriously, what does she do for a living? Model? DJ? Presenter? Muse? All of the above? I need to check out her LinkedIn profile)


alexa-chung (1)







alexa-chung (3)





alexa 7




Oh, Alexa, ya big fashion ride.

Image source: Vogue, Pinterest, Elle UK, Daily Mail, Celebrity Hive



Street Style – Coachella 2015

coachella 9

While we are still wrestling with our umbrellas and having the ‘will I/won’t I wear tights today’ conversation with ourselves, in sunny Californian festival season has officially kicked off.

Coachella is the first festival on the style calendar, and the star studded event never fails to deliver outfit inspiration for ladies – with tiny waists and long legs – around the world.

coachella 10

coachella 6

coachella 15

coachella 8

coachella 3

For our Irish climate, we may need an edit – longer shorts, maybe the odd jumper or overcoat. And for those without model features, be inspired by the loose flowing dresses worn by Alexa Chung.

coachella 11

coachella 16

coachella 4

coachella 7

coachella 5

coachella 14

coachella 12

coachella 13

coachella 19

coachella 17

coachella 18

Coachella 1

While Coachella does provide a treasure trove of festival inspiration, I have to say – while these images were our favs – there was a lot of disastrous, and somewhat outdated, fashion on show. Many celebrities – Kendall Jenner, I’m looking at you – looked exactly how they did last year. Too much fringing, too much cut off denim, and too much general ‘I think Coachella allows me to dress like an American Indian’ type behavior. For many of these American starlets, its like they see this festival as a reason to go posh hippie, which really has become so outdated as an overall look. While I love some fringing and the odd turquoise accessories, I think many of them take it a little TOO literally.

Lay off the tassles and daisy ducks for 2016 ladies, I know you can do better.


Image source: Harper’s Bazaar, Instagram, Vogue