Style Watch – Awards Season


Its that time of year. Again. Is it me or does it feel like the gap between award season hype is shortening every year? With this hype and the rush to the theatre to see ALL the Oscar nominated movies in a month – I have only seen La La Land, which is enough for me, I’m OBSESSED – comes the style watch. We watch in anticipation for the stars to come out in their finest and wow us while we are all wearing our flannel pj’s and warding off the post Christmas blues. So far. So so.

Like last year, nobody has taken our breath away. There have been some brilliant looks, yes, but the stars are playing it safe. They are going for pretty, not bold. Ladylike, not edgy. And you know what? That’s OK. I think we expect too much. The Golden Globes, The Baftas, they are not the Grammys. We expect some madness at the Oscars for the music industry – we can’t even breath after Beyonce’s Peter Dundas number – but why do we expect so much from the others? When, just like us, the women probably want to take these opportunities to look pretty, glamorous, classy and grown up. Crazy, edgy style has become common place. Street style is everyday. We can wear sequins before 6pm, sneakers to work, logo t-shirts to speak our mind, and fringing and feathers are not just for Saturday night. Quirky and cool is the everyday uniform, so, maybe, when there is a red carpet and everyone is watching, maybe they just want to look like the nicest version of themselves, without the bells and whistles.

While I am not comparing my life to Emma Stone (Ryan, call me!) the only experience I can compare awards season to is my wedding day. I love sequins – like, LOVE – I wear bright colours on a daily basis, I currently have an unhealthy affair with ruffles and fringing, and my friend Orla calls me Rock Chick. I was bombarded with comments like ‘I can’t wait to see your wedding dress, you’re going to be so cool’. But I wasn’t. I was me, yes. But I went for pretty. I went for classic. I channeled my inner Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe and went for Hollywood – BIG – hair and a traditional dress. Because I wanted to be pretty. I wanted to be grown up – I rarely dress like the 36 year old I am – I wanted to be timeless, and look back on those pictures of me walking down MY red carpet with my Dad and feel like a goddess. Knowing I will probably never look this glam again – or have a glam squad again! – and soak it up. While they do have glam squad on tap, maybe they just want to rock the red carpet and the stage receiving their awards looking like the accomplished, classy women they are.

Alessandro Michele and Gucci may have a lot more to answer for than soft, pretty ruffles and injecting pink into every aspect of our wardrobe. Maybe pretty is the new black?









NBC's "74th Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Arrivals



Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Live By Night" - Red Carpet




And then, then there is Queen Bea. She SLAY!

59th GRAMMY Awards -  Show

Lets see what happens at the Oscars, we may all be choking on gold sequins that night.

B xx

Image source: Hello, The Telegraph, Elle, Pinterest

Style Watch – Solange Knowles


The WEAR IT/dublin soundtrack over the last few weeks has been the eagerly anticipated album by the other – much cooler, I still love you Bea – Knowles sister, Solange. Her style credentials over the last few years – that wedding! – have impressed anyone with a fashion pulse. And now, her music is doing the same. With lyrics and spoken word clearly showing her feelings towards America and its treatment of African Americans, A Seat At The Table still manages to be a extremely relaxing and beautiful album, even with politically charged words. With a smidgen of Erykah Badu thrown in – there will always be comparisons – we love it, and while listening to it on repeat, it has reminded us of how much we adore her style too. Always brave, a lover of yellow – yes! – unusual, geometric shapes, print clashing, bold colours and patterns from her African roots, she knows how to dress to make a statement yet remain true to herself and her body shape. We could have posted five hundred pictures, but that would be a little excessive (stalkerish).












And more yellow…………








And finally, that wedding. EVERYTHING. solange-13


B xx

Image source: Vogue, Elle UK, Pinterest, Man Repeller, Instagram




National College of Art & Design Fashion Show 2015


Last week, in between the wind and the rain – come on, it’s June for goodness sake – I had the pleasure of attending the NCAD annual graduate fashion show at the Westbury Hotel in Dublin (a stange venue for it, but lovely hotel nonetheless). The who’s who of fashion in Dublin were treated to champagne cocktails and canapés, seated in the Grafton Lounge of the five star hotel to see what amazing creations the designers of tomorrow are producing.

Brown Thomas were on hand to award the ‘Designer to Watch’. The coveted award went to Daniel Roden, with his silhouettes, material and execution catching the eye of the judges, and deservedly so. His use of feathers – in particular on an over-sized coat, and a midi skirt with bandeau bra-top – was amazing, and all done by hand. His piece was titled Green; an exploration of tonality and texture.




One lady who I feel deserves an honorable mention for her talents is Alice Langton. Her use of woven reeds to create everything from jackets to shoes was a masterpiece.


Rather than write too much, I will let the pictures do the talking.














Take note, this is what the future of fashion holds and what we may be wearing in 2016. However, I’m not sure the reed jacket will stand this Irish weather too well.


Image source: Mark Stedman, Photocall Ireland


collage 7

Its cold here in Dublin. Not as cold as New York, I’ll give you that, but cold nonetheless. And it can get tricky to remain stylish in these minus temperatures, so bravo to our street style masters this week. They managed to stay warm, and give us something nice to look at.

Streetstyle effect

Kyran, works in Ted Baker. He is wearing Ted Baker, head to brown leather toe.

streetstyle 2 effect


Morganna Murphy, who works in the one of my favourite Dublin boutiques, Om Diva, is wearing vintage and her own designs. She made the skirt and the fluffy bra! We love.

streetstyle D15 effect

streetstyle D16 effect2

streetstyle D17 effect

streetstyle D18 effect

We didn’t catch this stylish lady’s name, she made a quick dash, but we love the colour pop scarf and comic book inspired tote.

streetstyle D5

streetstyle D4 effect

streetstyle D6 effect

Lauren, is our idea of laid back cool, with a dollop of Mod. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Dr Marten brogues are the IT shoe right now. Even Victoria Beckham wore them – shocked face.

streetstyle D11 effect

streetstyle D12 effect2

streetstyle D13 effect 2

We spotted some excellent clashing prints, with faux fur and more Dr Martens. Our model was a little shy!

streetstyle D7 effect

streetstyle D8 effect

Aideen’s turquoise scarf and vintage shearling jacket caught our eye.

streetstyle D9 effect

streetstyle D10 effect

A passer by shows us that the Levi jean jacket is very much back.

streetstyle D14 effect

streetstyle 3 effect