Joanne Hynes Collaboration X Dunnes Stores


As Sunday’s go – when your team are not, for once, in the All Ireland GAA Football Final – Sunday was a pretty great day. Thanks to the lovely Joanne Hynes and her collaboration dropping into Dunne Stores.

Fashion Designer Joanne Hynes .16/9/2016 
Picture by Fergal Phillips

The first Irish collaboration for the designer – and an exercise that Dunnes are nailing these days – who has taken some time out to have a family, did not disappoint. It was one hundred percent Joanne. All her amazing quirks, shapes and colours; mirrored perspex triangles on a pink jumper, diamond studs with a large bow on a black bomber jacket, and of course, her amazing embellished collars. The collection – and even the setting in the Stephens Green SC, which looked like you have walked into a Joanne Hynes boutique – felt like a step back in time to what Hynes does best and what she is loved for. Unique, wearable pieces, that can take you from day to night.






Part two of this collaboration is due in store on October 18th – I am told there is a pom pom coat, dreamy! There are still plenty of pieces left in this collection, so get shopping here.

B xx


New York Fashion Week Street Style Favourites


On a productivity scale of one to ten, ours has been at all time low this week due to the – several hundred – Instagram feeds, stories,  Snapchats, tweets (seriously, please don’t let anyone create anymore social media outlets we need to be on, I’m exhausted) we are following from some of the most influential and stylish people in fashion attending this week’s New York Fashion Week. It is a smorgasbord of amazing street style fashion and even more amazing shows and presentations – I’m looking at you JCrew and Dolpozo. The latter, a genius.

For the first time we get to feel like we are there with the frow bloggers and editors by watching – often seconds later – what they have just seen on the catwalk. It’s a thrill, and will do me until I finally blag my way into NYFW! You read it here, I will. #bucketlist

Here is a roundup of some of WEARIT/dublin’s favourite street style looks to so far.


Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 4



Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 1




Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 4




Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 4


Its going to be a long month of smartphone eye strain judging by the opening act, New York.

B xx

Image source: New York Times, Vogue, Instagram, The Cut




Trend Watch – Our Love Affair with Flamingos


Pink birds. Whats not to like? I have, and it seems the rest of the world also has, had a fascination and love of the long necked feathered lady – there are males too! – for some time now. And it would seem flamingo fans worldwide have come out of the alkaline lakes – where they live, apparently – and the fashion industry have taken notice.

You can get pretty much flamingo anything these days – bags, dresses, key-chains, shoes, blowup pool seats – you name it, millennials have it. You are not a real blogger or Instagram star if you haven’t posted a picture of yourself in an inflatable flamingo on hols, in a pool, with a cocktail, an insane body – you are 19, it’s easy then (she typed bitterly) – in a crochet bikini – how is this even a thing. Yarn and water??

Both high end and high street designers, like Kate Spade and Prada, have jumped on board, so its as easy as visiting Dublin Zoo to see any flamingo style fashion and make it part of your wardrobe. I must say, it does cheer me up of a Monday! Go pink or go home.



flamingo coat

Images: Pinterest, Elle, In Style, New York Times, Sophia Webster  

All Hail Gucci


I am going to write very little on this post. Only. Look. At. These. Picture. Embrace your inner shimming, over-embellished, vintage, quirky old lady this Christmas. Inspiration as follows from Alessandro Michele’s Pre-Fall ’16 collection.

Gucci 3



Gucci 4




gucci 6







Image source: Fashion Times, Vogue, Instagram, Glamour Russia

Lena Dunham And Rachel Antonoff Collaborate With & Other Stories

& other stories

By now, we all know just how cool & Other Stories are. From their collaboration with Moscow based designer Vika Gazinskaya and London designer Sadie Williams, to an ad campaign with the fabulously flamboyant Iris Apfel, everything they touch seems to turn into beautifully minimal gold jewellery. As we wait with bated breath here in Dublin for their – rumored – store opening on Grafton St, (come on fashion fairy, make this one come true), they have a new collaboration for us to droll over this May.


Iris Apfel for & Other Stories

In this most recent Co-Lab we are presented with a Lena Dunham directed teaser for their upcoming line designed by American designer, Rachel Antonoff, due to hit stores 12 May. The collection is inspired by an election campaign trail, which is why the film stars actress Zoe Kazan canvassing door-to-door to a frosty reception – very true to life then.

Dunham and Antanoff are firm friends – Lena currently dates Rachel’s brother, Jack – with Lena also directing short films for Antonoff’s Spring/Summer 2010 and A/W 2013 collections. Check out ‘Best Friends’, it is awesome!

We look forward to seeing the full collection in May.


London Fashion Week 2015


Fashion Week season is coming to a close in Paris, ending weeks of major fashion highs – the Chanel French Brasserie show at the Grand Palais, Zoolander’s cameo at Valentino, J.Crew’s ‘sequins are the new black’ moment in NYC, and fresh talent that we have come to expect from London Fashion Week. Here is a look at my trip to London for the International Fashion Showcase, at LFW. A stunning, innovative, and otherworldly exhibition.

Eight up and coming Irish designers were invited to show their work at an exhibition entitled Into the Fold at the prestigious British Fashion Council, International Fashion Showcase. This event was supported by Irish Design 2015 and Kildare Village, and was the first time that Ireland has showcased at the event.




The exhibition, curated by Gemma A. Williams, selected designers Caoimhe MacNaoise, Richard Malone, Jocelyn Murray Boyne, Michael Stewart, Naoise Farrell, Rory Parnell Mooney, Oliver Duncan and Laura Kinsella to show their work during the four day exhibition, along with one hundred and thirty designers from thirty countries.


Laura Kinsella


Laura Kinsella


Jocelyn Murray Boyne

Ireland_Jocelyn Murray Boyne_SeanJackson_1-1

Jocelyn Murray Boyne


Caoimhe MacNaoise

And other countries…………….




And a trip to London would not be complete without a taste of the quirky street-style. I must say, I did enjoy all the young people lurking around Somerset House in the hope of getting photographed with their – probably high-street – version of LFW. From the cooky to the insane, London had it all. And why not?!












Image source: WEAR It/dublin, Anthony Woods, ID2015