Lady in Red


Lady in red, is she dancing with you? Well, she should be. In Ireland, when we think head to toe red we think about the cheesy Chris De Burgh song. But there is nothing cheesy about this new(ish) trend. Head to toe one colour is the darling trend of the fashion set, and the leader of the pack is red. It was all over street style looks at fashion month and there is red errrythang in all the high street stores. Once it trickles down, you know it’s a trend. But it is a bold move and made to get you noticed – wall flowers need not apply.

If you are venturing to the scarlet side, some stuff to note; keep accessories super simple – maybe just a gold hoop. Try out different shades, like darker berry reds, to see what suits you best – it doesn’t need to be bright, if that’s not your jam (get it? Jam!) – and mix different shades of red together for added quirk. If it is a suit, wear with simple tees, slogan ones are always good, to make it more cool girl than golden girl.

Here are some of the best takes on the look (all hail Eva Chen). Not all head to toe, but you get the picture.

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - July 27, 2017


red 7

red 13

red 12

red 5

red 9


red 11

red 18

red 10

red 8

red 2

red 4

red 16

red 6

I personally have stayed away from red for many years, not intentionally, more subconsciously, as I have my own red accessory with me all the time, a frequent red face – a combination of being easily embarrassed and having a very Irish complexion. After looking at these pictures, I might just cake on the foundation and go for it!

Image credits: Harper’s Bazaar, Pinterest Sets Sights on USA Market


We all love a little fast fashion. And very few come faster – online – than Its like the online version of Penneys, but with cooler TV ads. The UK e-commerce retail giants have now set their sights on the USA. This month, they will launch a campaign staring actress Bella Thorne, DJ Hannah Bronfman, rapper Angel Haze and model Chloe Norgaard to kick start an aggressive launch into this vast market. Just like the music industry, there is no denying that if you want to make it big you have to crack the US. This campaign will have a huge digital push, with print ads in publications like Nylon and Teen Vogue.

boohoo 3

boohoo 2

Boohoo’s vice president of marketing in North America, Natalie McGrath, said; “From a price point standpoint, Forever 21 is our closest competitor. But in terms of our fashion focus and availability, we’re a little bit closer to a Nasty Gal. We’re always going to be compared to Asos, Topshop and H&M just because of awareness.”

boohoo 4

Saying they are like Nasty Gal is a bold statement, and one I hope they can live up to. Currently, the US is there third largest revenue market, and with additions like express delivery – and eventually next day delivery – they may well be in line to take a slice of Miss Amourso’s pie.

Good luck to them!