New York Fashion Week Street Style Favourites


On a productivity scale of one to ten, ours has been at all time low this week due to the – several hundred – Instagram feeds, stories,  Snapchats, tweets (seriously, please don’t let anyone create anymore social media outlets we need to be on, I’m exhausted) we are following from some of the most influential and stylish people in fashion attending this week’s New York Fashion Week. It is a smorgasbord of amazing street style fashion and even more amazing shows and presentations – I’m looking at you JCrew and Dolpozo. The latter, a genius.

For the first time we get to feel like we are there with the frow bloggers and editors by watching – often seconds later – what they have just seen on the catwalk. It’s a thrill, and will do me until I finally blag my way into NYFW! You read it here, I will. #bucketlist

Here is a roundup of some of WEARIT/dublin’s favourite street style looks to so far.


Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 4



Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 1




Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 4




Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 4


Its going to be a long month of smartphone eye strain judging by the opening act, New York.

B xx

Image source: New York Times, Vogue, Instagram, The Cut




H&M Studio Collection Lands in Store


Ah, H&M, you’ve gone and done it again. Made me spend all my wages in the first week of the month. Luckily I’m a big fan of beans.



The new Studio Collection – which hit stores this morning, September 8th – is dreamy, romantic, with a touch of goth and some interesting autumnal tones. In particular, I’m loving the loose tailoring and colour of the Jacquard-weave jacket and trousers, which is now in my shopping cart! There is a beautiful touch of velvet with the silver grey trouser suit, with white shirts and exaggerated sleeves featuring throughout.





H&M is the queen of the high street, and with studios collections like this and a Kenzo collaboration in November – eek!! – they are sure to hold onto their crown and break our banks accounts for many seasons to come.

B x

P.S. I only bought the jacket because Man Repeller wore it. Obvs!


Trend Watch: Tassels & Pom Poms

tassel 3

While browsing through the A/W press shows this last few weeks, I seemed to gravitate towards anything and everything with a tassel and/or fringing. While walking through the Oasis showcase and nattering on about how much I love a pom pom, I looked down at my outfit and realised I was wearing a skirts covered in fringing and tassel bracelets. I don’t think I needed to explain, really.


oasis 3

oasis 2

oasis 6

The style – which I referred to as ‘stuff with shit hanging from it’ at the press launch….I know they are going to rob that tagline by the way. – is popping up everywhere for A/W, both on the catwalk and the high street. Two stores doing it very well are Zara and Oasis.

Man R11

zara tassel

tassel 5

tassel 6

tassel 4


tassel 2

And lets not forget about the humble pom pom, from shoes to bags, to jackets and earring, if you don’t own something with a pom pom on it, well, you’re a loser really. Best pom poms on the high street go to River Island and ASOS.

asos pom pom 2

pom pom 2

pom pom 4


pom pom ss

All of the above is a by line to the whole gypsy/folk style ruling the runway right now. And long may it last, and continue to trickle onto the high street, packaged in an affordable price tag!

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Image source: Vogue, Man Repeller, Instagram, Tom Ford

Style Watch – Leandra Medine

Man R20

Like most people, I can lose hours looking through Instagram and blogs at some of my favourite fashion mongers – yes, I love Friends and this is a Joey term! So, with this time wasting exercise in mind, I have decided to turn it into a weekly post so you can all waste some time here on WEAR IT/dublin.

First up, and I do believe she needs not introduction, Ms MR. Man Repeller, Leandra Medine. One of the most credible, and funny, bloggers in the over saturated market, Leandra does it her way. If you want to see pictures of Starbucks coffee, endless leg, shoe and cute footpath shots, or every item from the high street that every other women on the planet is wearing, Man Repeller is not the lady for you.

Man R16

Man R12

Man R9

If you want to see alternative designers, seventeen ways to wear a bandana, vintage denim – lots of denim in fact – and some of the most eclectic outfits and accessories on the market, she is the lady for YOU.

Get a cup and tea, block any calls and take note, ladies.

Man R4

Man R8

Man R24

Man R19

Man R10

Man R5

Man R25

Man R21

Man R14

Man R1

poloneck17 - style bistro

Man R23

Man R13

Man R15

Man R7

Man R18

Man R2

Man R17

Man R11


Man R6

You’re welcome!


Image source: Instagram, Vogue, Elle, Pretty Little Things


nyc 10

Its that time of year again, New York Fashion Week, day 1. That means the streets of NYC are a public catwalk for the next four days. Check out the street style right here. #wearit


Leandra Medine

NYFW-Day-1 4

Margaret Zhang

NYFW-Day-1 9

NYFW-Day-1. 2

nyc 12

nyc 13

NYFW-Day-1 5

Danielle Bernstein

nyc 11

NYFW-Day-1 8

Natalie Joos

NYFW-Day-1 7

Aimee Song

A little Bey and Jay-Z thrown in for good measure. Loving B’s outfit.


Image source: Mark Iantosca, Wheresmydriver