Trend Watch: Black Loafers


Thankfully, for our lovely feet and growing bunions, flat shoes have become a fashion staple over the last few years. It started with stylish trainers worn outside the gym, matched with skirts and suits worn in the office by day and onto the nightclub by night. And in 2016 when the Gucci loafer – in particular the sling back with fur lining – was worn by every blogger and editor worth their street style salt, we became totally obsessed with this chic shoe. And sure why wouldn’t we? They are comfy, versatile and add instant cool girl chic to any outfit. If you can’t afford the Gucci price tag head to Office or Topshop for some great styles. (FYI, you can get 25% off in Office if you pick up this week’s issue of Grazia UK). Wear with pleated skirts, trouser suits, and mom jeans for that Instagram worthy shot. Wear with whatever you want if you’re not on Instagram.

Top tip; sit on a windowsill or cross a street for the perfect Instapic, see below.










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Image source: Pinterest, Intsagram, Elle, Vogue

Street Style – The Trench


Dublin. Ireland. What is the story? Am I hot, am I cold, is it raining, is it sunny? Who the hell knows! All I do know is I am loving pulling out my long, vintage trench coat on the mild, wet days when winter wool just won’t cut it. The trench – or mac, as we usually say – is a style stable. An item for every wardrobe, whether you are a minimalist or maximalist – isn’t the latter more fun?!

They often come in midi lengths and sometimes feel difficult to style without looking swallowed, so here are some great street style looks to help you along your rainy way.











And don’t forget your shades, your brolly, you hat and scarf. Just in case!

B xx

Image source: Pinterest, Vogue, Elle, Instagram

Vintage Shopping Tips


As a vintage shop enthusiast, I am both happy and a little sad about the vintage kilo sales that have now become common place in Dublin city. Started by the ladies at Folkster a few years back, Tola Vintage and the likes have now jumped on the bandwagon – and why wouldn’t they? – and seem to be having monthly kilo sales around the cpuntry. My happiness stems from the fact that I can go into a warehouse full of vintage – OK, its not 1920’s beaded couture that is going to be passed down as an heirloom – and poke around for hours on end, coming out with three dresses, two tops and some sort of mohair ensemble for the grand total of forty quid. Deadly. The sad part is that the way we look at vintage has changed and these kilo sales have had an impact on some of the beautiful vintage stores in the city who charge full price for all their pieces. Prices that millennials are not willing to pay as they have had cheap, easy access to ‘vintage’ clothes since they started shopping. Urban Outfitters has feed this attitude also, vintage has become ‘fast fashion’. UO sell ‘vintage’ army jackets and sequins tops, old Levis, and wax jackets. To those vintage collectors who are looking for the perfect 1020’s flapper dress with exquisite beading and a brilliant history, this is not vintage. It’s street style at best, with old clothes rather than vintage clothes. But is that being pedantic? Isn’t old vintage? With the exception of old high street – if I go to one more flea market where someone is selling an old Penneys dress as vintage I am going to scream. That is most certainly NOT vintage. I guess it is open to interpretation and I don’t think anyone who is into this fashion is going to complain about getting a few bargains for twenty quid a kilo!


So here are our WEARIT/dublin top five tips for when you are heading to your next vintage kilo sale:

  • Bring an IKEA bag to carry all your stuff – they sometimes have them there, but they go fast
  • If its pack and there are elbows at dawn, grab what you can, pile it into the IKEA bag and then find a spot to try on and edit
  • Look out for snags and damage – this stuff is going through the wars at a kilo sale
  • Watch what is on the floor – it might sound a bit gross but when people are doing point two, and editing the load they have picked up, they tend to throw what they don’t want on the floor
  • Don’t panic – there is no need to head to these events at 9am. They replenish all day so you can pick up some great items throughout the day
  • Have fun – you can pick up some really wild pieces at these sales so go for it and have fun!

Happy shopping!


Beat the Windy Weather: Beanie Style


Its been a windy few days. And Doris is playing havoc with our wheelie bins and our hair. The answer – to your hair issues at least – is a trusty beanie hat. Not just for the painfully cool, twenty something year old hipster in a ‘rock band’ who insists on wearing his beanie indoors. In the summer. No, this small and simple garment is as stylish as it is practical. Take note.














Don’t blame us for the hat hair.

B xx

Image source: Elle, Vogue, Pinterest, GQ, Street Style Stalker, Instagram


Transitional Style Staples


With the weather up and down like a yoyo – am I hot, am I cold, am I suffering from early menopause? – getting ready in the morning is becoming time consuming and a straight up pain. Maybe you are one of those super organised folks who put out your clothes the night before, but for most of us very Irish people we take a look out the window – or in 2017 check our app – to get a glimpse of the day ahead and decide last minute what to wear the office/cage.

In the morning rush – no, nobody has stuck to that ‘getting up 30 minutes early to do mediation’ new year resolution – I find myself reaching for three elements to make up an outfit. Blazer. Cropped jean – Mom or cropped flare. Court style shoe, or the 2017 variation of the court thanks to Pheobe Philo.

Why all so good? Well, a blazer can go over anything, even the most hideous or worn looking t-shirt. They are great for this weather when it gets a little hot in the office, they are comfortable, and you always look smart in a blazer. While many people cannot wear jeans to work – poor you! – the Mom jean or cropped flare seem to be the more dressy of the jean family. They can look smart – with said blazer – enough to wear to the office once paired with the right top and shoe (plenty of examples below). This brings me to the skin baring shoe. For a lot of people it is FAR too early to be showing any skin, even on your feet. But I have opted for the court shoe sans sock for some time now, given the mild January we had, and I have to say I love it! I feel I have more choice when not restricting myself to the winter boot everyday, and again, this shoe style dresses up my blazer and Mom jeans in no time – and I have no time.

Lots of inspiration for you………….

Trailing Blazers










Wear My Jeans, Mom?











The Shoe Game










So the moral of the story is; invest in black court shoes and a black blazer, and Emmanuel Alt is the High Queen of the blazer/jeans/court shoe uniform. Watch and take notes.


Image source: Pinterest, Vogue, In Style, Elle, Instagram


Style Watch – Chloë Sevigny


Lately, with the crisp, cold weather and sunny blue skies – in Dublin lads, sorry – while strolling the city streets I am reminded of crisp autumn days in New York City. The NYC cold will literally bite your cheeks, but that blue sky and beaming sun totally make up for it, its easy to stay positive and stylish when it’s not lashing down rain.

In my New York state of mind – remembering Mr. Big’s cringe love affair with the movie star – I am channeling one of my favourite Manhattan ladies, Chloe Sevigny. Quirky, cool, effortless. She doesn’t follow trends religiously, and beats to her own – CBGB style – drum. Add those killer pins, a love of white outfits, and you have a winning combo.

Celebrity Sightings In New York - June 23, 2015








BuzzFoto Celebrity Sightings In New York - May 10, 2016

Now, I’m off to find my braces and my clogs.

B xx

Image source: Pinterest, Vogue, Elle, Instagram 

Street Style Lisbon V Street Style Dublin: The Facts



After a fantastic honeymoon in Portugal – the honeymoon blues are actually a VERY REAL THING, I am struggling to cope with this first world problem – I was very much reminded of the difference between the style I see on the streets of Dublin and what I see when I visit other European cities. In this case, Lisbon.

While I always feel the Irish are underestimated and overlooked in the style stakes, there is a real difference between what we do and what people in cities like Lisbon and Barcelona DON’T do.

Beauty Trends in Dublin

The first, and most obvious thing, is beauty. Our European sisters – and brothers – wear very little if any make-up. I did not see one contoured face on my 10 day trip. Very few red lips – what is wrong with them? – and while eyebrows were beautifully groomed and maintained, they were very much a toned down version of our (DD!) HD brows. Now, the argument here – which I pointed out to my new husband – is that they get plenty of Vitamin D which helps their fabulous, sallow completion stay lightly tanned and fresh faced most of the year. They have seasons, where they can get a nice little base tan  – not too much now as we all know what the sun does to your skin –that allows them to avoid slapping on beige foundation with a trowel. I am sure it also too hot during their summers to wear a lot of make-up. But it would also seem to me, in the ads, TV and media I saw around the city, their models and females represented in their ads do not wear a lot of make-up, where I feel in Ireland – and the UK and US, from where we consume a lot of our media – the women on TV, in magazines and online wear a lot of make-up, and a ‘done face’ is the done thing – Kim K and her contouring has a lot to answer for.

kim k

Casual Style in Lisbon

The second most obvious thing is how dressed up people get. From what I saw, the Lisbon uniform is a dirty pair of Stan Smith trainers, a good quality cotton t-shirt – mainly white or grey – and great, loose jeans or a simple midi skirt. I got dressed up most evenings, and did get a few looks in my towering heels. In fairness, the coble footpaths of Lisbon and Cascais are not really conducive to heel wearing, I could have done with some Stan’s!



While I love to put my glad rags on and love a great pair of heels, I did spend a lot of time staring in admiration and jealousy at the effortlessly cool and ‘I threw this on’ style of the young men and women. (Like in Spain and Italy, the older generation do tend to make much more of an effort and love the more formal style, and a red lip.)




While shopping over there – they have AMAZING boutiques, with great unique brands and not overly expensive – I found myself draw to white trainers, any trainers really, and plain cotton tees. Minimal effort, maximum cool. As the bars and nightlife in Lisbon are quite casual, and people tend to go out most nights, not just getting dolled up for the weekly Saturday night out, their style translates easily from day to night. It’s one look for one day.


Style in Dublin

We all know that we love make up and love to get dressed up here in Ireland, but is that now the Irish/Dublin city look? Is that what visitors to our city see and report on when they come to stay here? I do think Dublin fashionistas – hate that term – tend to veer toward the flamboyant and outrageous more than the paired back. While we do have many – and I mean many – COS loving, minimalists on our city streets, I think what makes us interesting is that we do push the boat out. More is more, and sometimes, done right, it works. I will be adopting the Lisbon cool a few days a week – it takes very little effort for work – but my mantra is pile on the pom poms and pineapples, life is too short. Dublin, you do you.

pom pom ss

Image source: Style Du Monde, Instagram, Pinterest,, Collage Vintage