Style Watch – Solange Knowles


The WEAR IT/dublin soundtrack over the last few weeks has been the eagerly anticipated album by the other – much cooler, I still love you Bea – Knowles sister, Solange. Her style credentials over the last few years – that wedding! – have impressed anyone with a fashion pulse. And now, her music is doing the same. With lyrics and spoken word clearly showing her feelings towards America and its treatment of African Americans, A Seat At The Table still manages to be a extremely relaxing and beautiful album, even with politically charged words. With a smidgen of Erykah Badu thrown in – there will always be comparisons – we love it, and while listening to it on repeat, it has reminded us of how much we adore her style too. Always brave, a lover of yellow – yes! – unusual, geometric shapes, print clashing, bold colours and patterns from her African roots, she knows how to dress to make a statement yet remain true to herself and her body shape. We could have posted five hundred pictures, but that would be a little excessive (stalkerish).












And more yellow…………








And finally, that wedding. EVERYTHING. solange-13


B xx

Image source: Vogue, Elle UK, Pinterest, Man Repeller, Instagram




Style Watch – Leandra Medine

Man R20

Like most people, I can lose hours looking through Instagram and blogs at some of my favourite fashion mongers – yes, I love Friends and this is a Joey term! So, with this time wasting exercise in mind, I have decided to turn it into a weekly post so you can all waste some time here on WEAR IT/dublin.

First up, and I do believe she needs not introduction, Ms MR. Man Repeller, Leandra Medine. One of the most credible, and funny, bloggers in the over saturated market, Leandra does it her way. If you want to see pictures of Starbucks coffee, endless leg, shoe and cute footpath shots, or every item from the high street that every other women on the planet is wearing, Man Repeller is not the lady for you.

Man R16

Man R12

Man R9

If you want to see alternative designers, seventeen ways to wear a bandana, vintage denim – lots of denim in fact – and some of the most eclectic outfits and accessories on the market, she is the lady for YOU.

Get a cup and tea, block any calls and take note, ladies.

Man R4

Man R8

Man R24

Man R19

Man R10

Man R5

Man R25

Man R21

Man R14

Man R1

poloneck17 - style bistro

Man R23

Man R13

Man R15

Man R7

Man R18

Man R2

Man R17

Man R11


Man R6

You’re welcome!


Image source: Instagram, Vogue, Elle, Pretty Little Things