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With the weather up and down like a yoyo – am I hot, am I cold, am I suffering from early menopause? – getting ready in the morning is becoming time consuming and a straight up pain. Maybe you are one of those super organised folks who put out your clothes the night before, but for most of us very Irish people we take a look out the window – or in 2017 check our app – to get a glimpse of the day ahead and decide last minute what to wear the office/cage.

In the morning rush – no, nobody has stuck to that ‘getting up 30 minutes early to do mediation’ new year resolution – I find myself reaching for three elements to make up an outfit. Blazer. Cropped jean – Mom or cropped flare. Court style shoe, or the 2017 variation of the court thanks to Pheobe Philo.

Why all so good? Well, a blazer can go over anything, even the most hideous or worn looking t-shirt. They are great for this weather when it gets a little hot in the office, they are comfortable, and you always look smart in a blazer. While many people cannot wear jeans to work – poor you! – the Mom jean or cropped flare seem to be the more dressy of the jean family. They can look smart – with said blazer – enough to wear to the office once paired with the right top and shoe (plenty of examples below). This brings me to the skin baring shoe. For a lot of people it is FAR too early to be showing any skin, even on your feet. But I have opted for the court shoe sans sock for some time now, given the mild January we had, and I have to say I love it! I feel I have more choice when not restricting myself to the winter boot everyday, and again, this shoe style dresses up my blazer and Mom jeans in no time – and I have no time.

Lots of inspiration for you………….

Trailing Blazers










Wear My Jeans, Mom?











The Shoe Game










So the moral of the story is; invest in black court shoes and a black blazer, and Emmanuel Alt is the High Queen of the blazer/jeans/court shoe uniform. Watch and take notes.


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Top 5 Vintage Shops in Dublin


We all know the vintage craze has been around for as long as, as, slice bread? Well, maybe not. Unless people in 1928 – yes, I Googled ‘when was slice bread invented’ – wore clothes from the 1880’s and called them ‘vintage’. Anyway, you get the drift, vintage is cool.has been a trend for some time.etc. etc.

But lately, in Dublin, vintage kilo sale events have started popping up all over the place. The lovely folk at Folkster, started the ball rolling and have hosted several, excellently organised, kilo sales in Dublin and their native Kilkenny. I have been to the events in both cities, and have always purchased great finds. And at €20 a kilo – that’s 3 to 4 items of clothing, depending on weight – it is worth the queuing and general rummaging around in the crowded warehouse.

Now, others are cottoning on to the trend and this Saturday, Tola Vintage – a great store in Temple Bar – are hosting a kilo sale in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Golden Lane. On April 26th, Hunt & Gather will join forces with Dublin Vintage Factory and host their own sale in Hangar, Temple Bar. Great venue name, by the way!

This surge of vintage kilo sale action prompted me to name some of my favourite vintage stores in the capital. We all love them, and don’t want to see all this kilo madness take away from some great stores, with owners who have a passion for old, beautifully made pieces. In fairness, you won’t find many exquisite and unique pieces of vintage that are available in these five stores at a kilo sale, with hundreds of rails, and even more people.

Here’s my pick – in no particular order:

Om Diva

om diva

LOVE IT. This store is great for many reasons. Firstly, if you are looking for something colourful, fun and unique for your Saturday night on the tiles, this is the place to go. I love the array of patterns, eras and rainbow colours on sale downstairs, just like the staff, the clothes scream FUN, FUN, FUN! In December, I picked up five dresses from the Om Diva ladies at the Smithfield Christmas Market, all of which I adore and constantly complimented on. On the ground floor they have a fantastic selection of costume jewellery, and of course upstairs they stock some of Ireland’s newest, home grown designers. Bravo ladies.

27 Drury St, D2

Jenny Vander


Right across the street from Om Diva, is the vintage mecca that is, Jenny Vander. This store is like travelling back in time, or visiting you fabulously eccentric and fashionable granny’s attic. This treasure trove stocks exquisite jewellery and flamboyant headgear, that all look as if there is a deep story behind them. These are no ‘kilo sale’ clothes. These are the real deal. 1920’s cocktail dresses, feathered hats, bridal, quality pieces at the higher price bracket – and deservidly so. Check it out, its worth a look even if you are not a vintage wearer.

50 Drury St. D2

Tola Vintage

tola vintage 2 On the other end of the spectrum, Tola Vintage is all about the ‘trendy’ vintage pieces that everyone is wearing right now. High-waisted ‘mom’ Levi jeans, shell tracksuit tops, 80’s shirts, you get the picture. Its the cool kids vintage du jour. The store is great, and if you like the more contemporary vintage streetstyle trends, this is the place to go in Dublin town. And, as mentioned, they are hosting a kilo sale this weekend.

10 Fownes St, Temple Bar



As mentioned, these folk started the kilo sale trend, but their Temple Bar store is much more than vintage. It is one of the nicest shops to go into in Dublin right now, they have a mix of fantastic, on trend vintage finds, along with great LA and European labels that are not stocked anywhere else in Ireland. The wall of bling would make any magpie get tiny little goosebumps, and to a newly engaged lady like myself, their bridal range is unique, with a vintage theme, allowing you to be the kind of bride you would like rather than what your mother might like. They also have a homewear section, prepare to drool.

9 Eustace St, Temple Bar

The Harlequin

the harlequin

Ah, The Harlequin. I could lose hours in this vintage closet – and I have. This is just a straight up, no fuss, deadly vintage shop. You want a tweed jacket, you want a pair of show stopping cowboy boots, you want a dicky bow or a turban? Go here. You will find every vintage inspired outfit you’ve ever wanted, and ones you didn’t know you wanted. It reminds me of all the best vintage shops in London and NYC, that have been around forever, know what people like, and don’t overcharge them for it. Simples.

12 Castle Market, D2

I could go on, five doesn’t sound like a lot. Wait for Part 2, ‘The Next Top 5 Vintage Shops in Dublin’.


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Image Source: Tola Vintage,, Tumblr


nyc 10

Its that time of year again, New York Fashion Week, day 1. That means the streets of NYC are a public catwalk for the next four days. Check out the street style right here. #wearit


Leandra Medine

NYFW-Day-1 4

Margaret Zhang

NYFW-Day-1 9

NYFW-Day-1. 2

nyc 12

nyc 13

NYFW-Day-1 5

Danielle Bernstein

nyc 11

NYFW-Day-1 8

Natalie Joos

NYFW-Day-1 7

Aimee Song

A little Bey and Jay-Z thrown in for good measure. Loving B’s outfit.


Image source: Mark Iantosca, Wheresmydriver