Joanne Hynes Collaboration X Dunnes Stores


As Sunday’s go – when your team are not, for once, in the All Ireland GAA Football Final – Sunday was a pretty great day. Thanks to the lovely Joanne Hynes and her collaboration dropping into Dunne Stores.

Fashion Designer Joanne Hynes .16/9/2016 
Picture by Fergal Phillips

The first Irish collaboration for the designer – and an exercise that Dunnes are nailing these days – who has taken some time out to have a family, did not disappoint. It was one hundred percent Joanne. All her amazing quirks, shapes and colours; mirrored perspex triangles on a pink jumper, diamond studs with a large bow on a black bomber jacket, and of course, her amazing embellished collars. The collection – and even the setting in the Stephens Green SC, which looked like you have walked into a Joanne Hynes boutique – felt like a step back in time to what Hynes does best and what she is loved for. Unique, wearable pieces, that can take you from day to night.






Part two of this collaboration is due in store on October 18th – I am told there is a pom pom coat, dreamy! There are still plenty of pieces left in this collection, so get shopping here.

B xx


New York Fashion Week Street Style Favourites


On a productivity scale of one to ten, ours has been at all time low this week due to the – several hundred – Instagram feeds, stories,  Snapchats, tweets (seriously, please don’t let anyone create anymore social media outlets we need to be on, I’m exhausted) we are following from some of the most influential and stylish people in fashion attending this week’s New York Fashion Week. It is a smorgasbord of amazing street style fashion and even more amazing shows and presentations – I’m looking at you JCrew and Dolpozo. The latter, a genius.

For the first time we get to feel like we are there with the frow bloggers and editors by watching – often seconds later – what they have just seen on the catwalk. It’s a thrill, and will do me until I finally blag my way into NYFW! You read it here, I will. #bucketlist

Here is a roundup of some of WEARIT/dublin’s favourite street style looks to so far.


Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 4



Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 1




Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 4




Street Style - September 2016 New York Fashion Week - Day 4


Its going to be a long month of smartphone eye strain judging by the opening act, New York.

B xx

Image source: New York Times, Vogue, Instagram, The Cut




H&M Studio Collection Lands in Store


Ah, H&M, you’ve gone and done it again. Made me spend all my wages in the first week of the month. Luckily I’m a big fan of beans.



The new Studio Collection – which hit stores this morning, September 8th – is dreamy, romantic, with a touch of goth and some interesting autumnal tones. In particular, I’m loving the loose tailoring and colour of the Jacquard-weave jacket and trousers, which is now in my shopping cart! There is a beautiful touch of velvet with the silver grey trouser suit, with white shirts and exaggerated sleeves featuring throughout.





H&M is the queen of the high street, and with studios collections like this and a Kenzo collaboration in November – eek!! – they are sure to hold onto their crown and break our banks accounts for many seasons to come.

B x

P.S. I only bought the jacket because Man Repeller wore it. Obvs!


Summer Shoes 2016 – The Chanel Revival


I don’t think any of us can walk down the high street right now without seeing a cute pair of two tone pumps – usually kitten heel height – in cream or white with a black toe, i.e. an homage (imitation?) of the Chanel pump of 2016. They are everywhere, and for good reason.

Loved by bloggers, Instagram stars, and the fashion elite, the Chanel pump is instantly an recognisable classic, but packs a serious fashion punch for such simple design and minimal colour. They are extremely versatile, great wore with jeans and dresses, and are a super shoe choice for that difficult transitional weather we are quickly – too quickly – approaching, keeping toes in with ankles out.

chanel 6

chanel 7

chanel 8

For the real deal, head down to Brown Thomas on Grafton Street or go to And for the unreal deal, as per those strolls down the high street, head to Office or go online. They do a really nice take the shoe, with a comfy size heel that won’t kill you for day wear, and won’t break the bank!

chanel 8

chanel 3

chanel 5

Image source: Pinterest, WhoWhatWear, Vogue US

Trend Watch – Our Love Affair with Flamingos


Pink birds. Whats not to like? I have, and it seems the rest of the world also has, had a fascination and love of the long necked feathered lady – there are males too! – for some time now. And it would seem flamingo fans worldwide have come out of the alkaline lakes – where they live, apparently – and the fashion industry have taken notice.

You can get pretty much flamingo anything these days – bags, dresses, key-chains, shoes, blowup pool seats – you name it, millennials have it. You are not a real blogger or Instagram star if you haven’t posted a picture of yourself in an inflatable flamingo on hols, in a pool, with a cocktail, an insane body – you are 19, it’s easy then (she typed bitterly) – in a crochet bikini – how is this even a thing. Yarn and water??

Both high end and high street designers, like Kate Spade and Prada, have jumped on board, so its as easy as visiting Dublin Zoo to see any flamingo style fashion and make it part of your wardrobe. I must say, it does cheer me up of a Monday! Go pink or go home.



flamingo coat

Images: Pinterest, Elle, In Style, New York Times, Sophia Webster  

IT List: Beyonce & Other Things To Do in Dublin This Weekend


Weekend, you got me lookin’ so crazy right now! Yes, yes, I am off to see Queen Bey tomorrow evening at Croke Park. And I’m excited! If I’m honest, I am more excited about kicking off with brunch at The Dean Hotel and a full day and night out with my sister. I am looking forward to seeing Beyoncé in the flesh, seeing what a – from what I have read – spectacular show she will put on; the costumes, the dancing, the general bad assness. But Beyoncé has lost her sheen for a lot of people over the year, and in particular since she ‘dropped’ Lemonade last month. Has anyone watched it in full? What is it actually called? For me, the most interesting part of it was reading the very revealing lyrics about her life with Jay-Z, the women, her Dad, the crying, the fact that a beautiful, successful woman can go through such hard times in her marriage.



When Beyoncé brought out her documentary in 2013 and spoke about how Jay-Z taught her how to be a woman, I was a little bit done. She has a strong, successful Mother and sister, but this ‘man’ – who we now find out is a liar and cheater – taught her how to be a woman? Please! Good role model work there Bey. ‘Kids, go out with a rich, successful dude and he will turn you into a rich, strong woman.’

Now, none of us can talk or judge when we are not in the marriage, but from the lyrics in Lemonade we find out in detail that this man did not treat her very well, but she is happy to stay with him and make money on the back of the whole thing. Smart? Maybe. Media and money hungry? Maybe. Each to their own I guess.


Saying all that, I can’t WAIT to dance to her old hits – she better play them –  with my skin and blister!

Stone Roses in Dublin

On the other side of the spectrum, the Stone Roses are playing in Marlay Park. I saw the band the last time they came to Dublin – known more for all the 30 and 40 something year olds who were let out of the house for one night and went absolutely insane than for the music. A great gig none the less.


High Street Sales in Dublin

If a packed concert is not your bag, and you have the stamina for a packed shop, I would hit up the sales before they come to an end. I went into Zara this week and the discounts are pretty amazing. Although, in a rush of blood to the head, I did buy too many skirts that don’t fit me – they were 7.99!!!! – and now have to take back.



Brunch in Dublin

For brunch, we are hitting up Sophie’s at The Dean, and I am very excited. The view makes you feel like you are in a very cool European city – are we not? – and I can’t wait to try the grub. There is so much choice on the brunch front in Dublin right now, I don’t know how they all survive. But its great for us living here! I checked out Gotham Cafe for brunch last Sunday – not an obvious spot – and their menu is fantastic and really different. One to check out for sure.


Whatever you do this weekend, have fun. Its summertime(ish).

Biddy – WEAR IT team.

Street Style Lisbon V Street Style Dublin: The Facts



After a fantastic honeymoon in Portugal – the honeymoon blues are actually a VERY REAL THING, I am struggling to cope with this first world problem – I was very much reminded of the difference between the style I see on the streets of Dublin and what I see when I visit other European cities. In this case, Lisbon.

While I always feel the Irish are underestimated and overlooked in the style stakes, there is a real difference between what we do and what people in cities like Lisbon and Barcelona DON’T do.

Beauty Trends in Dublin

The first, and most obvious thing, is beauty. Our European sisters – and brothers – wear very little if any make-up. I did not see one contoured face on my 10 day trip. Very few red lips – what is wrong with them? – and while eyebrows were beautifully groomed and maintained, they were very much a toned down version of our (DD!) HD brows. Now, the argument here – which I pointed out to my new husband – is that they get plenty of Vitamin D which helps their fabulous, sallow completion stay lightly tanned and fresh faced most of the year. They have seasons, where they can get a nice little base tan  – not too much now as we all know what the sun does to your skin –that allows them to avoid slapping on beige foundation with a trowel. I am sure it also too hot during their summers to wear a lot of make-up. But it would also seem to me, in the ads, TV and media I saw around the city, their models and females represented in their ads do not wear a lot of make-up, where I feel in Ireland – and the UK and US, from where we consume a lot of our media – the women on TV, in magazines and online wear a lot of make-up, and a ‘done face’ is the done thing – Kim K and her contouring has a lot to answer for.

kim k

Casual Style in Lisbon

The second most obvious thing is how dressed up people get. From what I saw, the Lisbon uniform is a dirty pair of Stan Smith trainers, a good quality cotton t-shirt – mainly white or grey – and great, loose jeans or a simple midi skirt. I got dressed up most evenings, and did get a few looks in my towering heels. In fairness, the coble footpaths of Lisbon and Cascais are not really conducive to heel wearing, I could have done with some Stan’s!



While I love to put my glad rags on and love a great pair of heels, I did spend a lot of time staring in admiration and jealousy at the effortlessly cool and ‘I threw this on’ style of the young men and women. (Like in Spain and Italy, the older generation do tend to make much more of an effort and love the more formal style, and a red lip.)




While shopping over there – they have AMAZING boutiques, with great unique brands and not overly expensive – I found myself draw to white trainers, any trainers really, and plain cotton tees. Minimal effort, maximum cool. As the bars and nightlife in Lisbon are quite casual, and people tend to go out most nights, not just getting dolled up for the weekly Saturday night out, their style translates easily from day to night. It’s one look for one day.


Style in Dublin

We all know that we love make up and love to get dressed up here in Ireland, but is that now the Irish/Dublin city look? Is that what visitors to our city see and report on when they come to stay here? I do think Dublin fashionistas – hate that term – tend to veer toward the flamboyant and outrageous more than the paired back. While we do have many – and I mean many – COS loving, minimalists on our city streets, I think what makes us interesting is that we do push the boat out. More is more, and sometimes, done right, it works. I will be adopting the Lisbon cool a few days a week – it takes very little effort for work – but my mantra is pile on the pom poms and pineapples, life is too short. Dublin, you do you.

pom pom ss

Image source: Style Du Monde, Instagram, Pinterest,, Collage Vintage